When Angels Speak… I listen (Part 2)

I’ve received few Angel messages that literally saved my life over the past four decades.

Here is a recent Angel message I received while driving near Belleville Ontario one morning.


My son got a summer job about 20 minutes from where we lived. Each morning I would drop him to work by getting on the highway for about 15 minutes, exiting at Belleville then driving for 2 km to an industrial park where he worked. I would then turn around, get back on the highway to head home. I drove a silver honda at the time (more about that in a minute)


However on this particular Thursday morning in July, I dropped my son at work for 7 am and about 1 km into my trip back home, I suddenly heard a voice speaking clearly and firmly:


I checked my car radio- it was not on. No one was with me in the car. Without hesitation I pulled to the right shoulder of the road, watched the time. It was 7:05 am. And I just sat there… watching the clock…. obediently waiting. At 7:15 am I turned the key in the ignition, drove another kilometer until I reached the on ramp of the highway.


I had barely driven 3 kilometers when I realized why the Angel had told me to PULL OVER FOR 10 MINUTES.  Ahead of me was a collision involving a little silver honda (same make/color as my car)- with the  front end partially crushed behind an 18 wheeler long haul truck. The accident had recently happened, because no police car or ambulance had yet arrived on the scene.


But the image I will never forget as my car neared the other silver Honda – was the face of the driver as our eyes met – he gently smiled as he saw my face and our eyes locked- he looked relieved to see me !?! What??? The expression on his face was as if to tell me I am glad you are OK. 



Was he real? Was he an angel? I looked ahead puzzled. That’s when I saw and heard the ambulance approaching the accident scene. When I arrived home, I remained in my car, in the garage, in silence …for what seemed like an eternity. I tried to make logical sense of it all- the message, pulling over for 10 minutes, the accident on the highway, the man’s facial expression –smiling at me.


Was he an angel?

I will never know.

But one thing I know for sure… when Angels speak…I listen.

Have you ever received an Angel message and acted on it? Comment below…

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