Spiritual Awakening – What the &*%$#@!

How to cope with the Changes and Aftermath

We are truly spiritual beings having a human experience. However, a spiritual awakening is a double-edged sword. On one hand, you feel fortunate to re-experience your spiritual essence and merge with the Cosmic Consciousness that unites all living things. On the other hand, you return to your physical ‘shell’ and the physical world with heightened awareness; you become the Observer and you witness that the majority of people are living in fear and pain, they are enslaved to their egos, they are not  living their truth, not living in alignment with their Highest Self and you ask yourself – Why did I return?

I asked myself that question for 18 very long months. You see, in 2003 my entire world got turned upside down and inside out. I experienced an intensive crash course in spirituality and metaphysics- through not one, but 24 spiritual awakenings and teachings, in less than a year.

My initial reaction was What the &*%$#@!, then my logical mind kicked in and I sought out spiritual mentors. A Rabbi told me ‘ you need to pray’; a Priest told me” The Holy Spirit is within you” and a Swami told me “ you have awakened from the illusion of reality, you are free”. Then the REAL fun began, the aftermath of my awakenings when everything I knew changed: my values, my relationships; my eating habits; my interests; even my six senses!

One on One Sessions with Dawn

I have experienced the highs and lows of seeing the world with new eyes, and with new awareness. I am in service now to assist others who are experiencing the stirrings of an awakening or are having trouble coping with the aftermath of a spiritual awakening.

Let’s have a conversation. Allow me to share the spiritual wisdom I have gained from my physical and nonphysical teachers, and share with you some universal truths I have learned about why we awaken.

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