How to Raise the Vibration around You – Tip 20

Raise the Vibration around you with  Flowers:


Flowers not only carry certain meanings across different cultures, but they also add a positive vibration to a place. Perhaps that is why we bring flowers to people who are sick in the hospital and place them around altars of churches and in funeral homes. I love to observe the effects flowers have in a room, and over the years, I have used a variety of flowers for different social and business occasions. Following are the vibrational effects of a few of my favorite flowers:

White Roses carry a vibration of love. These flowers work as a “vacuum,” absorbing negativity from the surroundings. Roses are also beneficial to reduce or temper anger in a home.

Carnations have a healing vibration, and their presence is very beneficial in reducing and removing emotional and mental turmoil. They make wonderful gifts for those in hospitals.

Chrysanthemums have a nurturing and nutritive vibration. They are a wonderful addition to a home when a new baby arrives. They are also very beneficial in a nursery.

Gardenias have a vibration that promotes harmony between people, especially in business partnerships or marriages. These flowers absorb vibrations of discord and dissonance.


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