How to Raise the Vibration around You – Tip 18

Try a healing high vibration bath:


Have you ever come home from a hectic day at work or a stressful situation and just wanted to jump into the shower or slip into a warm bath to “wash your worries away”? Why do we gravitate to water to ease our worries? Perhaps it’s because being in water makes us feel “lighter”; soaking in a warm bath is like returning to the womb—it’s a safe and peaceful place.

Water is an element associated with cleaning and purification. Water also acts as a conduit to transport us from one state to another. On an energetic level, it is natural for us to gravitate to the water element to remove negative energy—either emanating from within us (thoughts, emotions), from other people’s energy or from the environment around us. Water also helps cleanse and clear our auras, which are electromagnetic energy fields that surround our bodies and act as filters between our outer and inner worlds.

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How to Raise the Vibration around You



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