How to Raise the Vibration around You – Tip 16

City vs.Country water:


The vibration of water from a residential well is vastly different from the vibration of water processed in a water-treatment plant. One reason for this is that the water from a well has a short life span—it’s consumed only once (from a well to the taps to a septic system in the ground)—whereas “city water,” or water recycled through a treatment plant, typically has several life spans, which causes frequencies to accumulate each time the water is treated.

If you live in the city, have you ever thought about to how many times the water coming out of your tap has been recycled? Does recycling remove all impurities? Is there something more you need to do to ensure your water is clean and safe? In recent years, there have been numerous news reports and scientific studies about the presence of estrogenic compounds  also referred to as endocrine-disrupting compounds.

What can you do?

Whether you are dependent on water from a water-treatment facility or from your local well, there are several compelling reasons why you need raise the frequency of your water—through filtering, purifying and/or conditioning—to make it cleaner and safer.

The first step is to take a sample of your water to your local health department for analysis to learn to what extent your water may need additional “conditioning.” The next step is to determine how large a project you want to undertake. Do you want to condition all the water coming into your home, or will one tap in the kitchen work if it’s the only tap water you’ll use for drinking?


For tap water filtration and remineralization, check out

Discover how to raise the frequency of your water for drinking, washing clothes  and bathing

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How to Raise the Vibration around You



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