How to Clear Karma – Part 2 by Dawn James

Here is part 2 of this 3-part series

ascension-programI hope you find it insightful and useful on your path to self development and personal growth. We all experience challenges or difficulty at one point or another in our lives- some more than others. But the one thing I have witnessed and know for sure is we do have the ability to influence our karma in a positive way.


Karma is like a scale which we carry with us for a lifetime or many lifetimes. The scale can be as light as a feather or as heavy as a brick wall. The weight of the scale is affected by the quality of your thoughts and actions and this in turn creates karmic patterns in your life. The saying: what goes around comes around, applies to karma.

Making good choices

When you were a toddler you put virtually everything in your mouth. As you grew older and wiser you realized some objects were digestible and some were not. You learned to make better choices. Now as an adult you may decide to stop smoking or eat better or focus on some other positive behaviour. These good choices you make help fuel your ability to create good karma.

I remember working in an office where a few employees loved to gossip. They never had a kind word to say about anyone. One day one of the gossipists came by my desk to spread her verbal poison. I stopped her with 3 simple gestures. I placed my hands over my ears, then over my eyes and finally over my mouth. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. The coworker frowned and walked away from my desk. Mission accomplished! I made a conscious choice not to get involved in negative behaviour- which in turn fuels good karmic patterns in my life.

Forgiveness: lighten your heart, mind and soul

Please repeat after me: There are no perfect parents, there are no perfect children!
Are you holding onto emotional baggage? Past hurts, blame, resentments, anger or shame?
In some situations we simply cannot bring ourselves to forgive the other person, but in every situation we need to find the strength and courage to forgive ourselves. Why? Because if we do not forgive ourselves, then we create division within ourselves. That division or inner turmoil is a perfect breeding ground for negative self talk, self sabotage and other destructive karmic patterns. One of the most powerful ways to overcome this inner turmoil and negative emotions is by forgiving ourselves.

Here is an excerpt of my first book ‘Raise your Vibration, Transform your Life’ entitled:

The Vibration of Forgiveness

You lighten your heart by removing the heavy weight of the negative experiences(s).
• You lighten your speech when you stop complaining or accusing others of being responsible for your experiences.
• You lighten your emotions by releasing feelings of anger, frustration, spite and pain and make room for peace, joy and love.
• You are free! Forgiveness frees the forgiver. You are no longer enslaved to the circumstances you once thought were controlled by someone else or external forces. You are free to live and to love.
• Lastly, you gain strength by recognizing your ability to withstand any circumstance or experience—to learn from it—and move forward with your life.


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