How to Clear Karma – Part 1 by Dawn James

ascension-programI hope you find this 3 part article insightful and useful on your path to self development and personal growth. We all experience challenges or difficulty at one point or another in our lives- some more than others. But the one thing I have witnessed and know for sure is we do have the ability to influence our karma in a positive way.


Karma is like a scale which we carry with us for a lifetime or many lifetimes. The scale can be as light as a feather or as heavy as a brick wall. The weight of the scale is affected by the quality of your thoughts and actions and this in turn creates karmic patterns in your life. The saying: what goes around comes around, applies to karma.


Do you consider your life to be easy or simple? Are you living in the flow? Or do you see your life full of challenges, stagnation or disappointments? If the later description resonates with you, then I want you to remember this: you are influencing the karmic patterns in your life- both favourable and unfavourable patterns.
For example, if you are the type of person who has difficulty saying ‘no’ and you tend to agree to things you really do not want to do or like to do, then you are creating a pattern of resentment in your life.

Alternatively, if you tend to look for the good in others and try to see the positive side of a situation- even a difficult situation, then you are creating a pattern of confidence and personal triumph in your life.

The good news: karma is not fixed or frozen – it’s mutable. Why? Because energy is mutable and the energy of your thoughts and actions can be changed – by you!

Observation without judgement

Observe how others express good patterns and bad patterns of behaviour. When you recognize bad patterns it’s because you’ve already experienced that in this life or a past life. You have learned the karmic lesson already. Learn to observe others with a compassionate eye, as they are still learning their karmic lesson at their own pace. Observe without judgement, without attachment.

Self Observation and Intention

At the end of each day, take a few minutes to reflect on what went right or what went wrong this day. If you are unsettled by a bad behaviour or bad experiences – ask yourself what the consequences were of the bad experience. What would you do if a similar situation arises again? How could you act differently, speak differently or think differently. Set an intention to act better next time. Visualize the new positive behaviour- allow this vision to imprint in your mind.

“When you focus on others you create karma, when you focus within you clear karma” ~Anonymous

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