Honesty will set Humanity Free. Book Review: Ancient Spirit Rising

Book review: Ancient Spirit Rising by author Pegi Eyers

If I had to use one phrase to describe what I felt as I read Ancient Spirit Rising… it is ‘Honesty will set Humanity free’. Can we be honest about our ancestral past? Can we be honest about the past failures and flaws of the mega-experiment of the Eurocentric empire in the Americas? Can we have a truthful conversation about the vast stolen treasures and stolen cultures of virtually every indigenous society on the planet as a result of a small minority group that has thrived on exploitation, violence, greed and oppression?
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Pegi presents these conversations and personal observations with clarity and depth, supported by historic accounts – that allows the reader to see many truths not found in traditional history books. Once we acknowledge the past for what is truly was, we can begin to rebuild an authentic society based on our own IK (indigenous knowledge) values- not someone else’s.

What I truly appreciate is that Ancient Spirit Rising offers us a bridge to revitalize indigenous societies both in the Americas and Europe. It begins with establishing a new value system based on our own IK. Ancient Spirit Rising offers us a path to move away from capitalism, materialism and global pollution towards eco consciousness, eco living and acknowledgment of Earth Rights.

Review by: Dawn James
Author, Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life

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