Green living advocate, author and healer Dawn James helps change lives with second book on raising your vibration


Dawn James had it all.

A successful corporate executive managing a multi-million dollar company and luxurious lifestyle that most of us only dream of.

But it nearly killed her.

The stress, the emotional hollowness and the toll that was being taken on her mind, body, soul and spirit was crippling and ultimately led to a complete systemic collapse and a series of near-death experiences. But, instead of being a terrifying moment in her life, it became a time of great spiritual enlightenment and edification. Through these experiences, Dawn James was gifted with a path of growth and understanding that led her to develop an extraordinary series of teachings about the laws of vibration and how they enhance our ability to live consciously with grace and ease.

What she learned, through intensive empirical research, and through her own life journey, she is imparting to others through a trilogy of ground-breaking books that examine how one can achieve health, happiness and harmony in their lives and on the planet by using the laws of vibration.

James’ first book, Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life, introduced the laws of vibration to new devotees. It demonstrates powerful techniques for raising one’s own frequency while breaking patterns that cause stress and toxicity in our lives and how to create positive energy, feelings and thoughts which ultimately leads to inner peace, vitality and fulfillment.

The second book, How to Raise the Vibration Around You, is the middle chapter in the trilogy. It encompasses how to enhance the frequency of the places we spend the bulk of our time.

What readers are saying

Raising the vibration where you live and work is crucial to your overall health and wellbeing. In this book, readers will learn the ancient wisdom supported by medical evidence and philosophic principles that have guided James. But, more importantly, they will have been given the practical tools and methodology to bring these ideas into practice in their everyday lives, in their home and workplace.

“In our modern world, many people are disenchanted, overwhelmed, many people are working themselves to death. I was almost one of those people. People aren’t actively living they are re-actively living. They are reacting to the circumstances around them, instead of reflecting and responding to life in a healthy and conscious manner,” James said.

“By working to raise the vibration of our own personal environment, How to Raise the Vibration Around You is a step by step, comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to increasing the ambient vibration of the world around you, as a step, to improved physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.”

“We need to do what is right for ourselves and for the world around us, instead of what is convenient or popular. We need to regain control of what we put in our body; what we bring into our home and what we put in the land and water,” James says.

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ISBN 9780986537806

184 pages

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