Do you like the color INDIGO?

color INDIGO


Healing properties: Indigo is a great purifier of the bloodstream and also benefits mental problems. It is a freeing and purifying agent.

Indigo combines the deep blue of devotion with a trace of stabilizing and objective red. Indigo is cool, electric, and astringent.

Indigo links with and stimulates the brow chakra (third eye) and controls the pineal gland. It governs both physical and spiritual perception.  It can be of great assistance in dealing with ailments of the eyes and ears.

Stay tuned next week to learn about the color White. . .

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  1. Wendy Tomlinson Reply

    Wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing. I do love indigo. I’ve just done my garden pots in indigo and white. Know I know they’re not just beautiful.

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