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Are you being Kind to your Mind? Or are you Tired and Wired?

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of getting things done, keeping commitments, finishing tasks but at some point our minds need to rest.   A restless mind is like Ferris wheel- it keeps turning in circles but not really going anywhere.  And when we do take a break from the ‘busyness’  of life, how often do our minds jump ahead thinking of future possibilities, hopes and dreams or we go back in time remembering decisions we made and things we said long ago.   The only moment we truly have to enjoy is now, so seize the moment with your fullest attention.

Here are a few ways to be kind to your mind:

Do one thing at a time.  This allows the mind to think sequentially instead of simultaneously. Multi-tasking is over rated and causes more stress than it’s worth. When you do one thing at a time to a point of completeness, you will feel more fulfilled than trying to do 3-4 things at the same time.

Learn to say “No’ without the guilt. This is about being honest with yourself. When we say Yes to things we are truly not interested in or are not aligned with our path- it causes us angst, agitation and resentment.

Dr. Steven Covey used to say: when you say “No” to something or someone, you are actually saying “Yes” to yourself and your priorities.

Try a techno-diet for a day.  Have you heard of Partial Attention Disorder? Essentially it means having an inability to focus, relax and truly be present in the moment.  The biggest contributing factor to P.A.D. is – you guessed it- techno gadgets and gizmos (including blackberries, email alerts, the proverbial ‘ding’ of text messages to name a few.  So try this diet on for size, for the next 24 hours turn off messenger, instagram, email alerts, Facebook and Twitter… go for a walk instead, or sip some ice tea while sitting on the porch or deck or better yet -u steal in a power nap or two.

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