Angels and Grandparents

New addition to the Family

If you’re wondering where I have been this past year, there is a very good reason for that. My hands have been a little full with the joyous arrival of our first grandchild . I had the honor of witnessing his first breath – what a blessing to greet a new life into the world.
new arrival D and D

As the first few weeks unfolded, there I was in my new role as ‘Nana’ assisting with getting mom, dad and baby settled in. I remember my daughter having some sleepless nights and after breakfast I would say ‘ why don’t you take a nap, I’m here to watch the baby…get some rest”. And my daughter would reply “ Mom, you’re an angel” .

As the months rolled by I was waiting with baited breath for my ‘ little munchkin’ to start drinking from a bottle. My motive? To have my grandson spend the weekend with me of course! Well I recently got my wish when mom and dad were busy packing and moving into their new place – who did they call? You guessed it! To get ready for my ‘little munchkin’ I visited a place I had not been to in over 20 years – Toys R Us!! I had so much fun checking out the new toys, books and gadgets that before I knew it I had been in Toys R Us for over 2 hours.

Over the weekend I was reminded just how much time has passed. He is almost 10 months old and one the move. The only time I can keep him still is when I’m reading to him and he is sitting on my lap OR when I give him a big bear hug and kiss.

After mom and dad moved in, I returned to their new place with baby in tow – and my son in law
said “ Thanks for watching him this weekend, you are an angel”.

That’s when the idea came to mind. Angels could not be everywhere so they created Grandparents.

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  1. Bunny Reply

    Being a grandma/nana/granny never gets old, Dawn! I still love and enjoy mine to the nines and they have that magic that somehow manages to keep us young (and out of breath sometimes!) 🙂
    I wish you many hours with your little one and thank you for the words of wisdom in your current email. Looking forward to your messages!
    Love always…

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