WEBINAR: How to Raise your Home’s Vibrations

How to Raise Your Home's Vibration

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This Webinar will change the way you look at your home physically, aesthetically and energetically! You will discover new ways to improve your surrounding and positively impact all who live and visit your home space.

The webinar format includes lecture and video presentation as well as bonus material, resources and instructions so attendees can continue on the path of raising the vibration of their home.

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What are the requirements?

  • Have an open mind to learn new things

What am I going to get from this webinar?

  • Learn how to work with the 4 elements to raise your home’s frequency

  • Discover how to detox your home by learning safe and unsafe aspects of water, light, air quality, etc

  • Learn to make informed decisions before buying household products

  • Identify and select appropriate products and technologies to improve your home environment on a physical, aesthetic and energetic level

  • LOTS of BONUS MATERIAL and resource links you can apply to daily life

  • PLUS a suggested reading list so you can continue the journey of raising your home’s vibration

 What is the target audience?

  • This webinar is for anyone interested in making their home (more) peaceful, comfortable and harmonious

  • This webinar is for anyone ready to stop shopping on auto pilot and make conscious choices to benefit their families, their homes and the environment

  • This webinar is for anyone and everyone who wants to make a positive change in their lives

Presenter Bio

Dawn James is the founder of raiseyourvibration.ca an organization dedicated to providing education, inspiration and support related to understanding and enhancing vibrational frequency for overall health and well-being (personally and globally).

Dawn is the author of the best selling book Raise your Vibration, Transform Your Life : A Practical Guide for Attaining Better Health, Vitality and Inner Peace, (English and Spanish), and the book How to Raise the Vibration around you. She has lectured and taught workshops in Canada, USA, UK and Mexico. Today she shares her knowledge through webinars and retreats, TV and Radio and she shares her gift of healing through sacred sound circles. She is an international speaker, green living advocate, musician and mentor.

In 2003, Dawn opened her eyes and heart to the world of spirituality, higher consciousness and vibrational frequency following a spiritual awakening and series of life-changing spiritual events and teachings. Soon after, she became a sound healer and writer, realizing her soul purpose to usher in a new world, where peace and harmony will be the norm. She humbly accepted her new role as “teacher.”


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