Book – Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life

Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life

A Practical Guide for Attaining Health Vitality and Inner Peace

Say Goodbye to Stress! Learn the Laws of vibration and start living consciously with grace and ease! Based on 20 years of research, interviews and experiences, author Dawn James shares some simple and effective ways to regain balance in an unbalanced world, detox your mind and body, and embrace your innate intelligence and inner wisdom. Raise your Vibration, Transform Your Life is your personal roadmap to creating inner peace and harmony in all aspects of your life.
“All you need is within you” ~ Dawn James

Through a series of daily practices, exercises and techniques you will be guided and inspired to break the cycle of stress and toxicity once and for all, and learn to make conscious choices that are beneficial to their well being.

Formats: Paperback, ePDF, ePUB, Kindle  message-box

Details: 172 pp, Illustrations, Exercises; Techniques; Personal Action Planner; Glossary; Adult, non fiction, Personal Growth; Stress reduction; Health & Wellness; Vibration

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