Dawn became a Sound Healer following a spiritual awakening
Her inspiration to start writing began with a personal message from the late Sylvia Browne
Her passion is teaching others how to raise the frequencies within and around them
She enjoys raising people's vibrations around the globe
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Welcome to RaiseYourVibration.ca. Our products and services are designed to educate and inspire you to enhance your vibrational frequency for your overall well-being. I am guided by the belief that we are vibrational beings designed to be healthy, happy and live in harmony with nature.

I offer several ways for you to understand and experience Higher Vibrational Frequencies:

The Vibration of  KNOWLEDGE

The Vibration of SOUND

The Vibration of AWAKENING

The Vibration of your HOME

The Vibration of your WATER

The Vibration of your  FOOD

The Vibration of  NATURE

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